Patient Benefits

  • For chronic therapy, optimised bioavailability and reproducible absorption profiles for every dose on every occasion
    In acute conditions, faster and more consistent absorption for rapid onset of action
  • Potential for ultra-high initial plasma concentrations to drive distribution into effect compartments for a reliable therapeutic effect
  • Decreased gastric residence time reduces risks of local irritation and toxicity
  • Surge Dose® tablets do not rely on the presence of gastric acid so are ideal for achlorhydric patients such as those on PPI

Development Benefits

  • Allows for customized release and absorption profiles :
    • Single component or fixed dose drug combinations
    • Combination of fast and controlled release components
  • Maximises therapeutic potential for NMEs by ensuring reproducible and consistent PK even in early development.
  • Minimizes need for significant reformulation in later development
  • Opportunity for life cycle extension or development of value-add generics for existing drugs
  • In vitro non-sink dissolution methodology to optimise formulations and identify lead candidates for clinical evaluation reduces project risks and results in shorter development times and costs
  • Technology uses GRAS excipients with conventional RH controlled manufacturing processes and equipment

Further Information