Euan Murdoch

Euan is one of Australia’s leading visionary businessmen and entrepreneurs. He is involved across a wide range of enterprises from pharmaceuticals to the revolution in the protein industry with technologies being developed with the 4th Industrial revolution. Euan has a passion for innovation and technology, inspired by the challenge of creating better transformational solutions.

In 1972, he founded Herron Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd while still a commerce student, which ultimately manufactured and marketed over 600 leading healthcare products including the market leader Herron Paracetamol. Herron marketed its products in Australasia and Europe.
Recognising the need to improve patient outcomes in consumer healthcare, Euan established Imaginot in 1999 to develop the best possible paracetamol product providing fast absorption and effective pain relief.

After the sale of Herron, Imaginot continued its work to extend the learnings on paracetamol to develop a platform formulation technology that would be applicable to other drugs and improve clinical outcomes. The result was the Surge Dose® formulation technology which is now available for licensing and offers an exciting opportunity to provide faster and more consistent absorption of drugs taken by mouth.

Geraldine Elliott

Geraldine joined the Imaginot team in 2004 as R&D Director bringing extensive experience in pharmaceutical product development for global markets ranging from NMEs, generics, consumer healthcare, household products and injectables. She has held executive management roles in the industry covering all aspects of product development including formulation, regulatory, clinical evaluation, project and portfolio management, quality, API sourcing and scale-up.

Building on the results from the proof-of-concept study on paracetamol which is a marker for gastric emptying, she led the program to extend the application of Surge Dose® to a wider range of drugs as a platform formulation technology. She developed the non-sink dissolution methodology for screening and optimising of formulations and has successfully transferred the technology to several overseas partners.

Geraldine has a BPharm(Hons) and PhD from The School of Pharmacy, University of London and an MBA from the University of Melbourne. She is currently Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland.

S.J. De Silva

SJ is a director of Imaginot, having been involved in its establishment and has been actively working on the commercialisation of the Surge Dose® technology since 2010.

SJ is a FCPA and FCMA bringing a wealth of financial and commercial experience across many industries in Sri Lanka and Australia. He joined Euan at Herron Pharmaceuticals in 1993 where he had direct responsibility for Finance, Strategic Purchasing, International Business, and Mergers & Acquisitions. SJ was a Director of Herron from 1995 until the sale of the Company in 2003 and continues to be engaged as an Executive Director of the Murdoch Family Group companies which include varied businesses and investments.

Mike Roberts

In 1999, Mike was appointed research mentor to encourage the newly established Imaginot research team to think outside the square and find innovative ways of improving patient outcomes. The initial work focused on paracetamol, resulting in the development of formulations that resulted in faster and more consistent absorption of this widely used drug.

Mike is an NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow, Professor of Therapeutics & Pharmaceutical Science at the University of South Australia and Professor of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics at The University of Queensland, and a Director of the Therapeutics Research Centre (TRC). He has over 40 years research experience across several disciplines with a focus on the skin and related technologies and is an inventor on many patents including those related to the Surge Dose® formulation technology.

Wayne Pambianchi

Wayne has been working closely with Imaginot as their commercialisation consultant since 2012 and has been involved in negotiating a number of agreements with Big Pharma covering use of the Surge Dose® technology.

Wayne is Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Sage Group, an international healthcare technology transaction advisory firm founded in 1994 and co-founder of several health care technology start-ups (Discovery Laboratories, The Immune Response Corporation (the first biotechnology company to reach a $1 billion market value), Cortex Pharmaceuticals, and Array Medical, Inc.). At Sage, Wayne has been directly involved in over 200 client assignments involving biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, devices, diagnostics, services, medical foods and natural products. These assignments encompassed the development of market entrance strategies (US to Europe, Japan to US, and Europe to US), valuation analysis, private and public financings, due diligence analysis, expert testimony and analysis, acquisitions, divestitures, licensing, and corporate alliances.

Earlier in his career, Wayne held a number of positions at the diagnostic subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, where he was Director of Corporate Development, Special Advisor to the President and ex-officio Board member in his ten year tenure.

Wayne has a BS in Business Management from Long Island University and an MBA. from Columbia University.

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