A technically eloquent solution to an unmet need

Senior Director, major global pharmaceutical company, USA

The best part about our Surge Dose development project was the simplicity in addition to the technical eloquence to tackle a true need in the space. The simple, affordable, yet efficacious pH modulator coupled with the power of super-disintegrants brought a profound element to our tablets that reshaped how we approach the term “fast” in our oral analgesics.

The Surge Dose technology certainly helped decrease the extent of subject-to-subject absorption variability and resulted in significant improvements related to speed of absorption.  We had tried other technologies to improve variability and/or speed of absorption but the Surge Dose technology performed much better than our previous attempts.

The dissolution method was in fact very discerning. It was sensitive to capture minute changes in process and formula and it was a leading factor in final process parameter decision making.

The Surge Dose technology came with sensitivity to environmental relative humidity so plant facilities were retrofitted to reduce RH .  The packaging itself was evaluated with desiccant canisters to ensure product robustness through the shelf life.  

I would evaluate the use of the Surge Dose technology in any products where faster absorption and faster onset of action is a key unmet need.

Imaginot was a great partner to work with.  They went above contractual obligations to assist our team and even offered help us interpret the clinical PK data.